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Revolutionary Water Retention Product for Production Agriculture

Water is one of the most valuable resources in the world. It’s also the main vain of California’s agricultural industry and accounts for much of the state’s annual revenue. Nonetheless, the agricultural and irrigation industries have suffered from years of sustained drought. For this reason, the demand to conserve water supplies is increasing.

That’s why our team of dedicated scientists and engineers have created Hydrosorb™. Hydrosorb is a super-absorbent product built with the latest water-retaining technology. It is added to the soil to absorb moisture in between rain or irrigation events. As water comes in contact with, and is absorbed by, Hydrosorb, it transforms and expands from dense dry, granular particles to a gel-like material—capable of absorbing up to 400x its weight in water.

Runoff Reduction with Water-Saving Technology

When Hydrosorb™ is added to soil, it swells to store water and nutrients near the root zone of the crops. As the soil dries out, Hydrosorb steadily releases water and nutrients, reducing the possibility of crop stress.

Benefits of using Hydrosorb™

  • Reduced water costs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved overall turf quality
  • Increase in playable surfaces
  • Decreases runoff from irrigation and rain events
  • Reduced localized dry spots and wet zones
  • Green and sustainable

Hydrosorb can be used in many different applications. When you introduce super-absorbent polymers like Hydrosorb™ to a seeded furrow, it’s been shown to increase yield rates in dry-land crops. Choose CalPam AG Products to satiate the demands of your agricultural land. We help you save money and energy—every time.

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