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CalPAM L™—Limestone-Infused Soil Enhancer

When standard polyacrylamide is not enough, choose CalPAM L™. Get all the benefits of PAM with the additional benefits of lime—a calcium-rich ingredient. CalPAM L is our in-house, custom blend of PAM coated in lime. Lime is recognized for its ability to reduce the A1 toxicity levels found in much of Californian soil. This product effectively promotes healthier soil and production quality. CalPAM L can be aerial applied or broadcasted with a quad, which applies "concentrated pounds" instead of bulky tonnage. This eliminates the logistics and compaction from heavy duty spreader operations. Our product can be dry blended with dry fertilizers—like sulfate of potash (SOP)—for optimal results.

The Benefits of CalPAM L™:

  • Raise the pH of acidic soils
  • Maximize salt leaching away from rooting zone during rain events
  • Increase soil water holding capacity and retention
  • More cost effective than Lime

Amending Soil Clay for Improved Irrigation

The primary benefits of polyacrylamide soil conditioners are increased soil health, aeration, and porosity. CalPAM L™ also reduces compaction, dustiness, and water run-off. CalPAM L™ has been proven to increase plant vigor, color, appearance, rooting depth, and emergence of seeds. This happens all while decreasing water requirements, diseases, erosion, and maintenance expenses. Get started today by speaking with one of our representatives. We have worked with agricultural enterprises across the Central Valley and Southern California, and look forward to working with you.

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