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CalPAM G™—The #1 Rated Gypsum Soil Conditioner

Acidic soil covers nearly one third of the globe’s arable land. To address this setback, we introduced gypsum into our PAM product to create CalPAM G™. CalPAM G works to decrease the A1 toxicity status and increase the calcium status in subsoil. You reap all the benefits of PAM with the additional benefits of gypsum when you choose CalPAM G. Studies show that gypsum enhances soil’s ability to infiltrate and expunge saline and sodic elements. Our advanced technology allows agricultural enterprises to improve their crop quality and maintain healthier soil for the next planting cycle.

The Benefits of CalPAM G™:

  • Maximizes salt leaching away from rooting zone during rain events
  • Eliminates standing water
  • Increases soil water holding capacity and retention
  • More cost effective than gypsum alone

Polyacrylamide Uses for Superior Soil Health

CalPAM G can be applied aerially or broadcasted with a quad, which applies "concentrated pounds" rather than bulky tonnage. This eliminates the logistics and compaction from heavy duty spreader operations. CalPAM G can be dry blended with dry fertilizers—like sulfate of potash (SOP)—for duel benefit.

The primary benefits of polyacrylamide soil conditioners include increased soil health, aeration, and porosity. PAM is also designed to reduce compaction, dustiness, and water run-off. Secondary functions are to increase plant vigor, color, appearance, rooting depth, and emergence of seeds while decreasing water requirements, disease, erosion, and maintenance expenses. To learn more about CalPam AG Products, call us today. We champion farmers across the Central Valley and Southern California.

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