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CalPam AG Products is devoted to delivering polymer solutions that actually work. The CalPAM-300 line of polyacrylamide (PAM) agricultural products was created as a safe and efficient solution to the water quality and quantity issues facing the California agriculture industry. When it comes to water quality, it is critical to use the right products that will provide a solution that is cost effective, safe, and reliable.


CalPAM-300 is proven to

  • Reduce soil erosion by 94% in furrow irrigation

  • Reduce soil erosion by 70-75% in sprinkler irrigation

  • Reduce pesticide runoff

  • Reduce nutrient runoff

Irrigation Efficiency with Water-Quality Products


CalPAM-300 increases soil porosity and useable volume of the applied water, which promotes uniform percolation for better irrigation efficiency. However, when this product from CalPAM AG Products is used on sandy soils, it decreases percolation and allows plants to retain and utilize more of the applied water before it passes through the root zone.

Benefits of using CalPAM-300:

  • Water conservation

  • Increased field infiltration uniformity

  • Helps prevent furrow or soil crusting

  • Decreases permeability in sandy soils

  • Reduces water loss through evaporation

  • Increases deep root zone moisture content

  • Reduces water needs by as much as 20%



The USDA Conservation Practice Standard Code 450 also provides support for producers using PAM products for irrigation efficiency. PAM has been used in the irrigation industry for many years. Studies conducted by the USDA and local producers show increased infiltration rates across all trials. Discover how CalPam AG Products can modernize your irrigation methods. Get in touch today.

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